Absalon and Dynavigate becomes Absfront

As the world-wide market for Customer Relationship Management is estimated to grow from 40 BUSD today to 80 BUSD in 2025 there are a greater need of companies with expertise and focus to support businesses when developing their future CRM-initiatives. With the track-record and expertise that Absalon and Dynavigate combines, the merged company – named Absfront – will be uniquely positioned in order to help business embracing new technologies like Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and Powerapps built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365-platform.

The leadership team with Peter Gynnerstedt and Sebastian Merlöv have built some of the Malmö region’s most successful Microsoft-focused IT-companies. They are joined by Markus Erlandsson who is known within the Microsoft Dynamics community not only for his technical expertise but from the pod “CRM Rocks” where latest technologies are revealed and discussed.

  • “Absfront will offer businesses that wants to build on Microsoft Dynamics 365 a new set of possibilities. In addition to traditional consulting we offer certified add-ons, built by Absfront, that help customers add critical features to their solutions for a minor monthly fee. Our cloud-based service model where we offer experts almost instantly is fairly unique on the Swedish market today “ends Sebastian Merlöv who will be CEO of Absfront.
  • “The people at Absfront is and will be our key resource. We secure that consultants won’t get lost for years in customer projects without continuously develop their skills. As CRM-technologies will move very fast in coming years its critical both for our people and our customers that we secure that all experts are ahead of the curve instead of being behind says”, Peter Gynnerstedt, COO
  • “Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a CRM-platform has taken the lead in the market. Its our mission at Absfront to support our customers how they can utilize all this new technologies like Power Platform to add value into their business and not fall behind to the competition “, says Markus Erlandsson newly appointed CTO of Absfront.

The aim in the coming years is to establish Absfront as a leading CRM-company based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Power Platform in the Nordics for both large enterprises as well as Small- & Medium sized businesses. Instead of growing like a traditional consultant company at least 50% of the growth will include cloud-based services and add-ons