Markus och Peter testar IoT med Field Service

Dynamics 365 Field Service and IoT highlights

Last week we had a fun and technical breakfast seminar in Malmö where we hands-on and practically demonstrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service. A few weeks before, we purchased a Raspberry Pi (very small mini-computer) including sensors like a camera and thermostat. This should be our alarming IoT device during the seminar!

We spent a few evening hours and configured our IoT device to communicate with the Azure IoT Hub, and further on with our Field Service demo environment. The connected thermostat device was given a threshold value of 27 degrees Celsius, with the result that an alarm would be generated for the connected Field Service application. A realistic demo environment was then up and running and the participants at the seminar would hopefully gain a good insight into the potential of connected Field Service and IoT. Helmets on!

Markus Erlandsson och Peter Gynnerstedt visar IoT med Field Service

Above: Markus och Peter figuring out how to generate temperature alarms with a Rasberry Pi.

Some cool Dynamics 365 Field Service highlights:

  • Schedule and Dispatch with a drag-and-drop calendar with an overview of all our resources. Adding the add-on Resource Scheduling Optimization (RSO) will enable you further to automatically schedule work orders for the most appropriate resources.
  • Realtime color coded map overview, for instance showing live locations of all field service technicians and customers with planned (or awaiting) workorders
  • The mobile application, built on the Resco mobile platform, where the field technician has access to detailed customer and workorder information. Some nice features to mention are the ability to use barcode scanning, upload photos and attach them to the workorders and digital signatures.
  • Geofencing which gives the functionality to send messages (mails, SMS’s) automatically to customers if a resource enters or exits a virtual boundary set up around a geographical location.
  • Connected IoT, which already has a tremendous impact on the Field Service industry, changing the market from reactive to proactive repairs. This monitoring will allow companies to react to emerging issues before they cause disruption for their customers.

We will certainly see an even more increasing trend of service-oriented business with the ongoing evolution of connected IoT devices. And Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service will play an import role in that scenario.

Peter Gynnerstedt - Dynamics 365 CRM/CE Consultant

By Peter Gynnerstedt