Goals in Dynamics 365

The goal of Goals

Since CRM 2011 we have been able to create Goals in Dynamics CRM and work with them for fun and motivation. I for sure want to beat my colleagues in a game that helps the company succeed! What is the goal with my Goals? This is often the most difficult part. What is that you want to have a goal for? What is the most important factor for success? Here you might want to be a bit careful when you start to measure things it’s a form of communication saying: “This is important to us”. Make sure that we want to improve the things you measure. Suppose that we have seen that having a face to face meeting is the best way to success and we want to measure appointments completed in Dynamics CRM. Looking at the documentation for creating goals is pretty thin. I started with a simple goal where I have this year appointments:

Goals showing completed number of appointments

Goals in Dynamics

Goals in Dynamics are made of 3 different entities

  • Goal
  • Goal Metric
  • Rollup Query

Goal is the main container for the thing that we want to achieve.

Goal Metric is where we define HOW we want to measure, either “count” (number of instances) or “Amount” (a value of some kind, can be both money or some other value). In my case here I used Count since I want the number of appointments.

Goal metric to capture number of appointments

Rollup Query is where most of the logic happens and its where we define WHAT we want to measure and WHEN it happened and define when they happened, we can use different entity for in progress and for actual values, but here I used appointments for both.

In progress query for this year based on scheduled appointments

This is what you need to setup a Goal. But here are the tips.

Tip 1: Leave the Goal time period open, and always set the “to” (end date) to “infinity and beyond”, like “2999-12-31”

Now we can use the same goal without changing them.

Tip 2: create a goal for the last year as well, so when you have a follow up you can easily see if you did meet your goals or not.
What is your goal with Goals?