Absfront in Stockholm

Absfront starts in Stockholm

Absfront, which is one of Sweden’s leading Microsoft partners with a focus on CRM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, expands its operations with establishment in Stockholm.

Absfront with headquarters in Malmö was able to announce at the end of 2020 that it was expanding in Gothenburg. Now the development of Absfront in Sweden continues with operations in Stockholm. The purpose of the establishment is to meet the increased interest, partly directly from customers, but also from partners where Absfront together with other Microsoft partners support customers linked to CRM solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a platform. Absfront has previously distributed customers of different sizes in a number of different industries.

“At Absfront, we have worked with customers in the Stockholm area for several years and the model of supporting with resources from the head office in Malmö has worked well,” says Sebastian Merlöv, CEO of Absfront. “On the other hand, we see a great need from new customers and partners to be able to increase our proximity but also the flexibility that it means to be physically in place. We will continue to collaborate between the various offices in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm to deliver complete solutions in the CRM area. Through the establishment, we can now serve three important markets in Sweden and the Copenhagen area.”

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Sebastian Merlöv
VD, Absfront AB
+ 46 705 17 94 03

About Absfront

Absfront is a specialist company that helps its customers become the best in the world at Customer Relationship Management with Microsoft’s business applications as a platform. Absfront’s certified experts deliver solutions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Marketing and Field Service along with add-ons for industries such as service companies, manufacturing, Life Science and consumer products. The company is established in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm with customers throughout the Nordic region.