5 strong reasons to choose Absfront

As always being in the front of new developments within CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Absfront provides substantial value into customer engagements and CRM-implementations.

In more than 80% of our customer engagements we can get an existing CRM-implementation that has gone wrong – back on track

It’s unfortunately not too rare that existing CRM-implementations has gone wrong either because of technical issues or because of business implications. In a strong majority of these implementations Absfront can get the implementation back on track.

In 100% of our engagements we can inspire how satisfied CRM-users can find new ways on how to benefit even more on their CRM-implementations

CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an area with a rapid development in regards to digitalize business relations and processes.
In all customer engagemants we can show how you can benefit even more in order to increase productivity, competitiveness or profitability in using Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a strategic platform for your business.

We are industry specialists

Absfront has several years of experience from several industries within fior instance Services and Manufacturing but also verticals like Hightech, IT, Pharma, Medical Device, Consumer Goods and more. With this industry expertise Absfront adds addiontal value to the CRM-projects as we understand each industries “best practices” as well as the latest developments.

Absfront is a stable and long-term partner

More than 80% of our customers we have been engaged with for more than three years. We are able to support enterprises and large and small businesses. Absfront also supports customers customers in all Nordic countries and have experiences from more than 20 countries.

We deliver our solutions in a unique approach

Our solutions combine the strength in the platform from Microsoft Dynamics 365, the effectiveness and innovation in the Absfront add-ons together with flexible approaches in how to deliver our services.
In this approach Absfront is able to implement and support implementations for both small and large companies and organizations.