Our Team & Values

The team of Absfront includes individuals who uses each others best skill-sets and abilities in a collaborative approach in order to maximize productivity, innovation and stability in customer projects product development etc. We have four fundamental areas that forms our culture and build our team

Key to what Absfront does is knowledge. Its the hard-currency where we can deliver best solutions to the market as possible:

– Always be up to date about the latest trends within technology or business
Certified, certified, certified
Innovative by putting different pieces of knowledge together and create something much better

As Absfront always strives to be in front it will push our team and business to move into new technology or new ways of doing business. Doing so means there are several ways to realize this:

Ambassadors that uses seminars and events to share insights in how businesses and users can make use of what happens in the front of the latest development
Online sharing where we use blogs, pods, social media in order to drive new approaches to technologies and how businesses can benefit from them
Close and strategic partnership with Microsoft which over time consistently has been driving new innovation and how new technology best can be used by people and business. To be in front-line with Microsoft means participating in all front-line related initiatives driven by Microsoft in this area. A good start is the Microsoft Gold Partnership.

At Absfront we strongly believe that best results can be achieved when utilizing a teams potential best way possible. Team-play is not just within the Absfront but also key in relation to our customers and partners:
Sharing information and knowledge leads to better solutions
Collaboration is the key to overcome challenges and utilize opportunities
– Teamplay leads to Win-Win both within the team and what results the team can achieve.

In a world where information is available everywhere and anytime we at Absfront have transparency as one of our core values as it both increases the flow of where knowledge is shared but also build trust not only within our team but also when having a transparent approach to our customer engagements:
Open to discuss new approaches or listening in what other collegues or customers want to share
Honest as being the opposite always comes back and bit you in the back
Flexible as the transparency opens door that maybe otherwise would be locked