Industry Solutions

Absfront has developed a certain knowledge and experience within a selection of industries and related verticals. This knowledge we offer our customers ans partners both as services and certified add-ons built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Professional Services

The Professional Service industry builds long-term relationships on the ability to deliver services matching customer business needs over a long period of time. Critical areas to be successful in regards to CRM in this industry is often to reach a level of “trusted advisor” where both Key Account strategies links well with the delivery and support organization.


The Manufacturing industry builds on the ability to deliver products that match customer needs and requirements in a market that most often have competition on a global dimension. Critical areas to be successful in regards to CRM in this industry is often to establish on-going business relationships on different locations and levels within the customer organization at the same time provide stellar delivery and support once the products have been delivered.

Whole Sales Trade

The Whole Sales Trade-industry is one of the most advanced within the CRM-area. The needs most often ranges from Multichannel CRM-solutions to fairly advanced models of Customer Journeys using mobility for the filed sales force and advanced analytics of data to understand how the market and key customer segment is developing. The needs within this industry can vary a lot based on the detailed needs in each vertical of Pharma, Consumer Goods and Medical Device that Absfront have most experienced from.