The Manufacturing industry builds on the ability to deliver products that match customer needs and requirements in a market that most often have competition on a global dimension. Critical areas to be successful in regards to CRM in this industry is often to establish on-going business relationships on different locations and levels within the customer organization at the same time provide stellar delivery and support once the products have been delivered.

Industry challenges addressed by Absfront

  • New customer recruitment using Digital Marketing, Events , Seminars etc
  • Effective Opportunity Management adaptable to market segment and type of offering
  • Establish stable Key Account Management-processes to follow up on long-term production and deliveries
  • Integrate with the processes delivering services to customers
  • Provide tools in order to provide service both in the field as well as on location

Specific vertical experience

  • General Manufacturing
  • Industrial Equipment & Machinery
  • Subcontractors

Our solutions for this industry

  • Absfront Accelerator 365 is an add-on that ads most of all necessary configurations needed to start running Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a business within this industry
  • For SMB-customers Absfront offers a range of services to limit the upfront costs and effort and get started as effortless as possible. Our “Abslabs” and “Fast Start”-projects are often chosen by these customers to get started or to extend an existing solution.
  • With Enterprise-customers Absfront as developed a skill to work together with other vendors and partners in order to deliver the best services in each area that the customer requires. In some cases the Absfront “Quick Response Team” has been very helpful but in most cases we establish a Microsoft Dynamics Surestep Agile-project and together with a solution management life-cycle motion