Whole Sales Trade

The Whole Sales Trade-industry is one of the most advanced within the CRM-area. The needs most often ranges from Multichannel CRM-solutions to fairly advanced models of Customer Journeys using mobility for the filed sales force and advanced analytics of data to understand how the market and key customer segment is developing. The needs within this industry can vary a lot based on the detailed needs in each vertical of Pharma, Consumer Goods and Medical Device that Absfront have most experienced from.

Industry challenges addressed by Absfront

  • How to prioritize resources of the field sales force to drive sales where it is needed and let digital marketing manage customers of less need of development.
  • How Key Account Managers can manage chains or large customer structures in collaboration with the mobile sales force
  • How Sales Managers can manage Territories and sales activities in the field as effective as possible
  • How Market and Product Managers can close the marketing loop by providing input to the sales force and get instant feedback from the customers on hor
  • Overall solution that manages local market regulations and conditions
  • How customer with questions or needs to report adverse events can get in contact with backoffice in a regulated approach

Specific vertical experience

  • Pharma – both RX and OTC
  • Consumer Goods – Fast moving and Durable
  • Medical Device & Medtech

Our solutions for this industry

  • Absfront Trade Sales 365 is an add-on that ads most of all necessary configurations needed to start running Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a business within this industry
  • For SMB-customers Absfront offers a range of services to limit the upfront costs and effort and get started as effortless as possible. Our “Abslabs” and “Fast Start”-projects are often chosen by these customers to get started or to extend an existing solution.
  • With Enterprise-customers Absfront as developed a skill to work together with other vendors and partners in order to deliver the best services in each area that the customer requires. In some cases the Absfront “Quick Response Team” has been very helpful but in most cases we establish a Microsoft Dynamics Surestep Agile-project and together with a solution management life-cycle motion