Absfront Accelerator 365 – Overview

Absfront Accelerator is an add-on seamless integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 in order to make our customers CRM-initiatives more effective, that the solutions meets “best practice” in the industry already from start but also to add smart and innovative tools to make a more productive environment for the end-users. 

  • Designed to meet the basic needs in of the industry reduces 20-30% in CRM-system related costs both in the start of the implementation as well as long term
  • Pre-configured to meet industry best practices May reduce costs and time for deployment by 10-70% i in reduced customization and implementation costs as it out of the box secures that organizations meet the best practice within their industry
  • Smarta innovations developed by Absfront so that our customers can get one step ahead of the competition.


The building blocks of Absfront Accelerator 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Gives the platform in regards to database, security, business logic etc. Read more here

Absfront add-on

Developed as a seamless and integrated solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • Built based on more than 10 years of experience and requirements for the related industries
  • Recudes implementation and maintenance costs both in short- and long term (often 20-70% in lower costs)
  • Adds new features that gives businesses a more effective and productive tool that improves the ability to increase revenue and profitability.

Customer specific customizations

  • Focus on customizations that makes you as a company unique and competitive
  • No general configurations in order to make the solution work is needed


Absfront Accelerator 365 ”by the numbers”

Absfront ad-on is installed as one solution within Microsoft Dynamics 365. There are continous development but current version includes:

Extended information structure

  • 12 standard entities have been adapted
  • 12 new entities
  • 135+ new fields
  • A large number of standard fields, views etc have been hidden

Pre-built configurations

  • More than 25 forms that have been designed and simplified to meet the requirements of the industry
  • Ready to go Sales processes
  • 6 new Dashboards
  • 3 ready to go apps
  • Mobile ready
  • Predefined and optimized security roles

Business Logic

  • 1 Plugin, 56 steps
  • 206 “Web-resources”
  • In total more than 10000 rows of code