Innovation that takes you to the front

Absfront Accelerator 365 includes a number of innovations that integrates with existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 functionality and advance them in order to improve end-user experience and productivity.

Innovation to develop business relations over time

  • With the Key Account Manager-feature the users get an overview of all important activities and events on a selected number of customers
  • With Budget & Goals users get a complete view on how well they perform in relation to selected customers both in relation to actual sales and whats in pipeline.
  • Customer Journey gives the users a complete overview on all interactions made with an Account or Contact and what that has led to results in terms of Opportunities, Orders etc. 
Budget & Goals gives the user a good overview in regards to actual sales and what is needed to achieve the goals.
With Absfronts “Customer Journey” you can track activities, opportunities, cases etc and how this is developed over time.

Innovation to close Opportunities faster

  • Sales Calendar support the users to plan sales efforts into selected target segments based on available time, geography etc 
  • Sales Board helps the users to work with the current opportunities and how to move the most important forward with relevant activities.  
Instant action on your Opportunities from the Sales Board

Innovation to secure quality in working processes

  • Create dynamic yet standardized checklists in Opportunities and Cases
  • Secure that end-users can work in a consistent and by the organization approved approach
Absfront checklists means that users easily can follow tasks which can be more easily updated than Microsoft Dynamics 365 processes.