Save costs & make your implementation more effective

There are several areas where Absfront Accelerator 365 lowers costs and make CRM-implementations and maintenance more effective reducing TCO.

Its ready to go

  • Forms, views and fields have been pre-configured to meet your requirements
  • Searchable fields and other areas that will hinder an effective usage has been optimized
Example on how the Absfront form has been configured to be more user-friendly from start

Natural workflowd that improves the end-user experience

  • Improved form design to improve usability
  • Simplified way of working in the sales process with improved activity management, opportunity management etc
Opportunities simplified to improve end-user productivity

Improve productivity

  • Business ready and improved Dashboard that are more “self-coaching” for the end-user
  • Role based apps ready to be used with pre-defined features and functions
Absfront Accelerator 365 has been design to help the user answer questions like “Where so I stand now and what do I need to do in the next step”