Absfront add-on subscription

Absfront offers a new and modern solution for its customers in using subscriptions that gives a simple way to access all Absfront add-ons.


Absfront strives long-term business relationships with customers and partners where this is not based on “locked-in” agreements or very high upfront investments.

It should be clear that being a customer of Absfront you will have a stable partner where the are a clear added value from the add-ons.


With an Absfront subscription you as a customer get access to all add-ons. It means you can use the add-ons that you as customer believes add value to your business without having to calculate on different modules, number of users in detail etc. Customers only need to monitor within which brackets they are in terms of number of users.


Absfront pro-actively prepare Absfront add-ons to all new versions. Absfront also reminds customers beforehand when updates are to be executed.

Source code

For all customers that have been a customer of at least 12 months and/or paid at least 6 000 EUR Absfront gives the customer the right to transfer the subscription to a “source code license”. The customer then will stop pay subscription and also the right to support and updates from Absfront.

Fees and commercial conditions

Number of usersMonthly cost (EUR), exkl VAT

Term: 12 months
Cancellation: not later than 3 months before next agreement term period
Invoicing: Monthly
Upgrade cost: No, only for the actual work on adding upgrades in the environment
Support: Free-of-charge super-user support on add-ons as well as “bugs” in source code
Source code license: Yes after at least 12 months subscription or at least 6000 EUR in total subscription cost