Background and purpose with the GDPR-add-on

Absfront is an expert on digitization of business relations. A central part is to have control and quality on all the digital information that is managed

GDPR is a central issue in all digital solutions that involves different type of business relations with the outside world. In regards to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Microsoft already offers some support in order to facilitate GDPR-policies.

Absfront has developed an add-on that is integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and solves the process of manage approvals, information requests and anonymization. Together with this Absfront loggs all GDPR-related activities in the system.

Microsoft have tools to help you analyze your GDPR-needs

Microsoft have a guide that will help you in order to start working with GDPR:

Business advantage with GDPR add-on within 3 areas

  1. Secure business critical information: Historically businesses have had hard time to maintain and secure business critical information around customers and customer transactions. The implementation of GDPR gives a good opportunity to secure the master data as its now also a legal requirement.
  2. Quality: Get control over the practical management of GDPR. It is a lot of data which is hard to manage but with GDPR-addon you make it much easier to secure you follow requirements. This will also support other actvities and technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing.
  3. Reduced costs: As the GDPR add-on dramatically simplify the process when an individual want to request information about themselves and to anonymize all data. To build this solution custom made for a specific customer needs substantial investments.