Getting started with Absfront GDPR add-on

A quick overview on how to start working with the Absfront GDPR add-on.


  • Absfront GDPR-add on is installed as a ”Solution” without requirements of configurations.
  • All functionality is controlled by Dynamics 365 security roles so that only authorized users can use the functionality. The security role ”Absalon GDPR Manager” gives access to all GDPR-functionality and ”Absalon GDPR – User” gives access to give approval as well as provide requests for information.

On “Contact-entity” a menu is installed that helps the user manage all GDPR-activities:


Verify GDPR-approval

  • In order to verify GDPR-approval may vary from one company to another.
  • Absfront GDPR-add on verifies this approval towards all type of objekts in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Regardless if its an E-mail, note or record of some sort the user may link it as an approval.

Manage request for information

  • In the scenarios when an individual asks for the information your business have related to that individual.
  • Serach to find the correct Contact, choose ”Report” and Absalon GDPR add-on gather all data needed on that contat but also all related information to that Contact.
  • Export to pdf and send e-mail or by ordinary mail to individual that requested the information.

Anonymizing information

  • If an individual wants to be anonymized just find the correct “Contact” and choose ”Anonymize” in the menue.
  • Absfront GDPR add-on gives different opportunities in what format you want to anonymize.
  • This process means you can keep i important business data although making the individual anonymized.

All GDPR-related events are logged to give 100% trace ability

  • To be sure that the GDPR-management process is secure it requires that all different operations is getting logged.
  • These logs can be exported in pdf if requested.