Effective sales planning & self-coaching

A big challenge within this industry is the requirements on the sales rep to execute according to the goals set up by the business. However the tools provided to the sales reps in order to deliver on those goals si not very easy to use or flexible to adapt as the business changes. Absfront Trade Sale 365 empowers sales rep to take on this task in a more productive approach.

Plan Sales Cycle using Action Plan

Using the “Action Plan” the Sales Rep can collaborate with the Sales Manager in order to setup Target Segments, messaging and other activities for the next sales cycle.

Sales Cockpit optimizes the work in the field

Using “Sales Cockpit” gives the Sales Rep the ability to plan a sales cycle in relation to which customers to prioritize, secure coverage, activity level and align this with realities like customer geographic locations and actual available time to execute in the field. 

“Self coaching” using Dashboards

Industry-ready “Dashboard” to support the Sales Rep to better understand what needs to be done on a daily, weekly and Sales Cycle-level.