Smart & stable mobility

In an industry where a lot of the business is executed out in hospitals, pharmacies or stores it requires a mobile solution that can be trusted and works fast for the end-users on all form factors. It is important that Sales Reps in the field can do all tasks required while on the move.

Absfront Trade Sale 365 mobility solution is a turn-key solution seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 using Resco. Absfront Trade Sale 265 add-on is a solution that: 

  • Works 100% off-line
  • Works on ALL devices without specific device adaptions
  • Includes all features to plan, execute and report sales activities in the field. Even different analysis capabilities is available.
  • Works out of the box without the need of configurations or customizations

360-degree of the customers in the field

Example of an Account with location, industry related data, contacts etc

Streamlined Sales Call Reporting (e-detailing)

Easy to report sales calls with automated options based on Campaign and/or Action Plan

Optimize time in the field

Easy to find Accounts and Contacts on the map. Navigate to next Sales call or execute a drop in call if time is available

Integrate marketing materials to be used with customer interactions

Bring all type of videos, presentations and files out in the field to use at location with customers.