Digital Marketing using Clickdimensions

Clickdimensions is an easy to use and easy to deploy add-on integrated 100% with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Without too much of configurations and training, customers can be up and running within a short time-frame and limited investment.

Absfront is a Clickdimension partner where we both maintain existing implementations as well as launch new initiatives within Digital Marketing. Absfront was one of the first partners top introduce the product on the Swedish market.  

The most important advantages with Clickdimensions are: 

  • Very easy to launch and deploy
  • Contains a complete and stable portfolio to conduct Digital Marketing
  • The best architectural solution on the market that is well integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Cost-effective both from the actual license cost as well as the cost from content providers
  • Very good support resources with online manuals, training’s and more

Clickdimension overview

To get a full overview of the add-on visit: 

Clickdimensions includes alla the tools needed to work with Digital Marketing

Automate your digital relationship building

Clickdimensions “Campaign Automation” is a powerful tool in order to combine the toolbox of features from Clickdimension to build relationships