Absfront Support

Absfront offers both free-of-charge super-user support on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Absront add-ons together with more advanced support solutions in a more cost efficient approach. 

Support Center

Please contact:
Telefon:+46 40 660 74 90
E-mail: support@absfront.com
Available weekdays 09.00 AM- 05.00 PM CET.
Weekends and bank-holidays closed.

Here to help

Customers licensed by Absfront within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and or Absfront add-ons have access to the support of Absfront. It includes access to:

  • User-questions in regards to Absfront add-ons and Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Change Requests within existing solution.
  • Request support if the solution isn’t working according to how its supposed to.

Free-of-charge super-user support

If customers purchase Microsoft Dynamics 365-licenses from Absfront they are entitled to super user support free-of-charge. This is also relevant if customer is Partner of Record or any other relevant customer – partner link provided by Microsoft from time to time. 

Updates are available free-of-charge

New releases on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Absfront add-ons are always available free-of-charge. Depending on how complex an update may be Absfront will quote the work needed for the upgrade to be performed without interruption or errors should surface for the end-users. 

Absfront SLA-customers

For customers with Support Agreements (Support Level Agreement) Absfront is working within those escalations levels and times stipulated within the agreement. For customers with a Support Agreement Absfront also guarantees that there are team members that will engage in support activities with basic knowledge about each and every customer solution.