We lead with our experts

In the industry of business applications the mix of competency a consultant or developer needs to have is not similar to another typical IT-consultant. The profile and skill-sets needs to cover more areas of expertise without loosing the depth of the knowledge.

In order for the solutions to be delivered successfully all of the Absfront team members needs to have skill-sets that ranges from industry/vertical knowledge, proficient in business processes and methodologies related to business applications and off course in our case deep knowledge and understanding how Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power platform together with technologies like AI, mobility and digital marketing can advance businesses. As we are able to combine these areas of knowledge and experience in all of our team members we are confident as experts.

Certification per capita matters

At Absfront one key metric is how well we are proficient in the applications and technology related to Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Platform. Its important that all our team members are certified in the products their are working with and that this is an on-going process within the organization and not something done sporadically. Each and every team member should hold multiple certifications and we strive to have the most certifications per capita in the market. These certifications signals not only to our customers and partners that we are ready to deliver stellar services but also towards Microsoft that we are a long-term partner proficient in the areas they are so heavily investing in.

Drive change of new methodologies and technologies

As the area of business applications and Customer Relationship Management will be one of the most driving sectors of all industries in the coming years its important that companies like Absfront acts as ambassadors of these new changes and developments to support all type of companies that needs to join into the momentum. It means that Absfront is empowering our experts to share their expertise and experience using blogs, pods and participating in seminars, drive discussions on social media etc. This is part of the transparent and sharing culture of Absfront.

A trusted advisor

In order to support our customers in best way possible the team of Absfront put a lot of effort in understanding each and every customers challenges and opportunities. We already bring expertise in customer specific industries and the latest technology and as we learn our customers needs we provide solutions that in more than 80% of the projects are well trusted by our customers.